Hooded Grebe

Inspired by a little and beautiful bird, Hooded Grebe's world of fashion truly reflects the new generation’s design language by its products.
Which is why Hooded Grebe began with a dream to provide best quality and fashionable products in a pocket friendly budget.
Founded in 2019 in Mumbai, the brand was conceptualized to design products which are sustainable and trendy. At Hooded Grebe, we create products that are carefully crafted with a mix of art and creative design to create products which are a representation of how today’s and tomorrow’s generation aspire to be, in the hustle and bustle of all our modern cities and lives.
To support our local craftsmen, all of our product at Hooded Grebe is sourced and produced locally, which helps build a livelihood and contributing our bit to our country India. With a great believe, we at Hooded Grebe extend our support to the “Make in India” initiative.
So enter our world, and discover the best of Hooded Grebe!!


To lead in a new way of fashion


To provide the best quality and fashionable products to the whole world in an ever growing entrepreneurship format!